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Phils-Favorite-Hunting-Knife Picture
Stainless-Steel-Throwing-Knife Picture
Carbon-Steel-Blade-with-Ebony-Bull-Horn-Handle Picture

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Deer-Antler-Handle-with-Mexican-Coin-Guard Picture
High-Carbon-Blade-with-New-Mexico-Yucca-Handle Picture
Calirfornia-Beryl-Bowie-Knife Picture

Featured Custom Knife Maker

 Dan Freda
 Rochester, NY
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Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes, the DFCustom shop specializes in good customer service and reliable knives.

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Buy Directly from the Custom Knife Maker

We felt like there was a need for a marketplace where custom knife makers could list their wares and sell them to knife buyers, quickly, easily, and free of charge. We also believed that there is a need for a niche website that was only for custom knives, so that when you searched for something, you would only get knives; not paintings, not jewelry, etc.

The result is, the spot online where you can shop for custom handmade knives and accessories, learn about the knife maker and their processes, and purchase them directly from the people that make them.