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Custom Knives by:
Parkin Damascus Steel Co
Adil Hussain

Parkin Knives offers a wide variety of handmade Bushcraft knives that is durable, easy to carry and manoeuvrable. The knife conveniently sits inside the grip and staunchly serves the owner under challenging situations.

Created for the brave men and women who dare to enter and pave their way through wilderness and come out unharmed. Handmade bushcraft knife is an essential tool for adventure enthusiasts, which serves a wide range of purposes, including skinning, stabbing, piercing and more.

Bushcraft knife features sharp edge that can be re-sharpened anytime in the field. This enables the user to use this knife up to its full potential and after whetting for a while, it will be as good as new and ready to hunt. This all-purpose knife is strong enough to stand up to serious abuse but at the same time, it is easy to handle in cold, dark and pouring rain.

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