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11" Handmade British Gurkha Afghanistan Issue Blade
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This is the current issue Kukri for Gurkhas who are in Afghan war. Therefore the name derived after the Afghanistan. The Gurkhas are deployed since the war started for Enduring Operation Freedom in Afghanistan. The Regiment is decided to carry new kukri fit to the Afghan environment. Therefore the Afghan Kukri AEOF is issued to Gurkhas. It is about 16" in overall length with an 11" Double Fullered (Angkhola Style) semi-polished made of high graded carbon Steel, Very sharp blade. The handle is made of Rose-wood. The shape is different and has finger grip. The scabbard is natural leather which is the brown color. Two small knives "karda"and" Chakmak" are free with this kukri. "karda"sharp one is for small type of work like skinning animals etc.and "chakmak' blunt one is for sharpening the blade.This kukri can be used to cut wood,meat,clearing bushes etc. The craftsmanship on this knife is amazing so if you are looking for the finest quality Kukri for "Christmas Gift" you will not be disappointed. Karda & Chakmak: These are small knives come with the purchase of this Kukri. Karda is small knife used for skinning animal hairs and Chakmak which have blunt edge is used for sharpening the Kukri blade. *Specification of 11" Afghanistan Enduring Operation Freedom Kukri (AEOF): This is handcrafted kukri therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurement. Blade size & Type: 11 inch (27.5cm) Handmade and Unpolished blade. Handle size: 5 Inches (11.25cm) full tang handle Indian Rosewood. Overall Length: 15.5 inches (38.75cm) from tip of the blade to the pommel of the handle (Approx) Weight: 1.76 lbs (800 grams) Approx, Blade and Sheath & Karda & Chakmak. Scabbard: Cotton Covered in Buffalo Leather Shipping weight: 3.00 lbs or 1.5 Kg. Blade Hardness: spine: 22-25 RC, Belly: 45-46 RC, Edge: 58-60 RC, Steel

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