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Ed Fowler pronghorn
$1500.00 USD

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Ed Fowler pronghorn PictureEd Fowler pronghorn Picture

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This is an Ed Fowler pronghorn. Roughly about 8 inches in length. Very long backlog on his knives and rarely come to market. Very well taken care of never really used, just taken out and shown every once in awhile. A great piece for anybody's collection. Let me know if you have any questions.

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patrick mattuccii have an ed fowler knife that i am willing to trade.i also have a couple other handmade knives to trade or barter with if you're interested.3/8/2016 4:32:56 AM
pnwknivesPrice is negotiable. Just send me a personal email at I'm not with the knife right now, but if I had to guess I would say the blade is 5-6 inches in length.1/14/2016 8:36:26 AM
David MullikinInterested to know on Ed Fowler knife (item 3066), length of blade, and is price negotiable? Can offer $1300. Thanks, David1/13/2016 11:50:50 PM

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