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Woodward Blades
Northern Virginia

Woodward Huntsman 1
$250.00 USD

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Woodward Huntsman 1 PictureWoodward Huntsman 1 PictureWoodward Huntsman 1 PictureWoodward Huntsman 1 Picture

Woodward Blades Picture
Handmade by:
Woodward Blades
Item ID # 2898

Type of knife                                  Fixed Blade

Overall Length (inches)                  7.7500

Blade length (tip to handle)           3.5000

Thickness (inches)                          0.2500

Comes with Sheath                        Yes

Sheath Material                              Leather

Handle Length                                4.5000

Sharp edge length (inches)            3.2500

Hardness                                       HRC59

Main Handle Material                     Stabilized Bocote, Olive

Handle Style                                  Full Tang



     All materials used on this blade were made in the USA. I got the steel from New Jersey Steel Baron and is 1/4 inch 440c stainless. The sheath is made of 7-9 oz. leather dyed black. The cutting edge is honed to a razor edge meant to withstand use. I sharpened it using a Lansky system at 25 degrees. All of the woods used on this knife are stabilized using cactus juice and are sealed with carnauba wax. this knife was made without the use of jigs and done completley by eye. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below or email me at for any more info on this knife.

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Warranty:           I hold the right to deny any warranty to any buyer based on a given case. The shipping is on the customer to and from my place of work. I am willing to investigate any damage to the product so that if there is an issue it can be resolved properly. I build these knives to withstand regular use and implementation. The normal use of my knives is within the borders of common sense. I am willing to answer any questions you may have, if you may have any please contact me through email.

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Shipping Amount: $10.00
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     I ship USPS. I will securely wrap, protect, and box your blade as well as I can to insure that it gets to you as safely as possible. Any international buyers I'm not responsible for the package being lost but I will help any way I can if it does ever happen. Also international buyers please expect a longer transit time due to being shipped out of country. If you would like to ship a knife using your carrier of choice please let me know and we can work something out.  PLEASE KNOW YOUR STATE OR CONTRIES LAWS BEFORE ORDERING THIS BLADE. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY IGNORANCE ON THE BUYERS BEHALF.

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