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Ridgefield, WA

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Hand Forged 52100 Steel Knife with Cocobolo handle
$200.00 USD

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Hand Forged 52100 Steel Knife with Cocobolo handle PictureHand Forged 52100 Steel Knife with Cocobolo handle Picture

Serkovs Forge Picture
Handmade by:
Serkovs Forge
Item ID # 2094

I hand forged this knife, using 52-100 ball bearing steel, and did all of the handle, bolster, and end piece work on it myself. The handle is a solid piece of cocobolo, and the bolster and end piece are brass. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and I guarantee that it will stay sharper, for longer than any knife you have tried before. It will change color however (to a dark blue/gray) which I think is pretty cool, it does this because the 52-100 steel is NOT stainless, and is designed to be used more for reliability, durability, and hardness.

As always id like to mention that I do make custom knives (shape, size, steel type, handle type, guard type, etc) , feel free to message me about what you would like, and I can make it for you.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 52100 Steel, Brass, Cocobolo, Care
  • Ships worldwide from Ridgefield, Washington
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