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Ridgefield, WA

Serkovs Forge Picture
Hand Forged Knife with Oosik handle
$450.00 USD

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Hand Forged Knife with Oosik handle PictureHand Forged Knife with Oosik handle Picture

Serkovs Forge Picture
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Serkovs Forge
Item ID # 2092

Try this for a conversation starter, that Oosik material is also known as Baculum, which is fossilized whale penis bone. I hand forged this knife, using 52-100 ball bearing steel, and did all of the handle, bolster, and end piece work on it myself. The handle is solid Oosik and the bolster and end piece are silver. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and I guarantee that it will stay sharper, for longer than any knife you have tried before. The blade will change color however (to a dark blue/gray) which I think looks pretty cool, it does this because the 52-100 steel is NOT stainless, and is designed to be used more for reliability, durability, and hardness.

As always id like to mention that I do make custom knives (shape, size, steel type, handle type, guard type, etc) , feel free to message me about what you would like, and I can make it for you.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Oosik, 52100 steel, Silver
  • Ships worldwide from Ridgefield, Washington
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BillLength of blade? Comes with sheath? Thanks.1/26/2015 7:33:55 PM

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