• Custom Knife Pin Types

    by Kirk Barnum

    Custom Knife Pin Types Blog Picture

    The attention to detail is what makes custom knives so appealing. 

    One important part of knives, and a part that allows for some additional creativity, is that of the knife pins.  Knife pins are the metal bars or rivets that hold the knife handles (Also known as knife scales) to the knife handle. 

    Typically knife pins will be : Brass, Stainless Steel, or Brass Mosaic.  Other types of materials can be used as well, but those 3 types will be seen the most.

    Knife pins come in many metal types and many designs.  Knife pins with designs are called "Mosaic Pins" (See the above picture).  Mosaic pins are typically brass pins with intrecate desings inside of the pin, often with multiple colors.

    Knife makers often enjoy using mosaic pins in their knives because it allows them to show their creativity, and also gives the knife a more artistic flair.

    Knife pins are cut to size, then sanded and polished down along with the rest of the handle.  Usually knives will have 2-3 different pins in a handle to hold it together, though many knife makers are getting creative and using more pins, often with different sizes and mosaic designs. 

    Come check out a wide array of custom knife makers at http://www.JustCustomKnives.com. You will find many knives with custom mosaic pins made from all types of materials!

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