• Common Kitchen Knife Edges

    by KB

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    V-Grind (Flat Edge) is the most common style of edge for a kitchen knife and looks exactly like it sounds - two slanting sides that go straight to the cutting edge.

    Convex Edge is hard to sharpen, but is durable and very sharp. The blade slightly tapers on each side to form the edge.

    Hollow Edge is typical of hunting knives, and will rarely be seen in kitchen knives. The grind isnt intended for fine cutting such as cutting a cucumber, and requires more force to push the blade through an object.

    Chisel Edges are often found on traditional Japanese design knives... sushi knives in particular.  Theyre ground on one side only while the other is left flat. A chisel grind creates a sharp edge but requires constant maintenance due to the single bevel.

    Serrated Edges have a wavy or saw-like blade. Serrated edge kitchen knives help when cutting things that are hard on the outside, but may be soft on the inside, such as bread.

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