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    by kb

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    There is nothing like a custom designed, custom made, hunting knife.  Once you have owned one, mass produced knives rarely seem to be up to the task.  Knowing that every aspect of your knife was designed specifically by a skilled knife maker isnt something that can be acheived with mass produced knives.

    Untimately chooseing a custom hunting knife will come down to personal preferences, and what you are planning on using your knife for.  There are knives designed for specific purposes like a deer gutting knife, or a knife with a saw blade.  However, the first question you need to answer for yourself is: Fixed or Folding.

    A fixed blade hunting knife is the ultimate blade.  It is durable, easy to clean, and easy to access.  However, folding blades are well known for their ease of carrying, compact designs, and safety. 

    Most serious hunters dont keep their knife choices to one blade.  They tend to have different blades for different purposes, so ultimately your final uses for the knife will determine why type of blade you should start with.

    This blade is created by a custom knife maker who has a store on http://www.JustCustomKnives.com. Drop by and take a look at their custom knives!


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