• What makes custom knives so great?

    by Kirk Barnum

    What makes custom knives so great? Blog Picture

    Most everyone I have ever talked to that has purchased and used a custom blade as opposed to a manufactured blade pretty much agree that they will never go back.  Though its sometimes hard to put your finger on exactly what makes custom knvies so great, some of the obvious things are the attention to detail, the superior ingredients (better steel, rare wood scales and other material, custom pins etc), and the feeling of knowing that a custom knife maker put alot of time and energy into creating a blade for you that will stand the test of time.  Once you purchase a custom blade, it quickly becomes an obsession.  That is part of the reason why you see knife makers themselves often buying custom blades that other knife makers create...they can appricate the love that went into them, and recognize how great a custom blade can be!  Come see a wide array of custom knives sold directly by the knife makers themselves at http://www.JustCustomKnives.com.

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