• Knife Sheath Materials: Nylon and Plastic

    by Allan Demot

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    Although most custom knives come with their own knife sheaths, some do not, and in such case you would have to buy a separate knife sheath for them.  There are different types of materials that can be used in the manufacture of knife sheaths and last time we took a look at kydex knife sheaths, what it is and its pros and cons, as well as leather knife sheaths. Thus, it is time to finish the series with the two remaining types of knife sheath materials – nylon and plastic.

    Nylon Knife Sheaths
    Nylon knife sheaths are some of the more common types of knife sheaths available. There are two main types of nylon used – cordura and ballistic nylon. Both types of nylon are known to be quite durable. In addition, they are generally not as expensive as kydex and leather, and some are manufactured to resist rot and mold development, and are thus worth the investment.

    However, the biggest drawback perhaps with nylon knife sheaths is that over time, they tend to stretch and thus loosen, rendering them unable to hold the knife properly. Couple this with the constant drawing and sheathing of the knife, and you’d end up with your knife easily falling out of it, especially when it doesn’t have a clasp to hold the knife in place.

    Plastic Knife Sheaths
    Just to be clear, kydex is a totally different type of material when compared to ordinary plastic, the former being more durable than the latter. That being said, of all the four knife sheath materials mentioned here, knife sheaths made of ordinary plastic are often the less durable type that is available, which is probably why there are also the cheapest of the lot. Despite this, there are still some people who buy plastic knife sheaths, not only because of their price, but also because they are as easier to clean and maintain than nylon and leather since all you need to do is it to scrub it with a brush and some soap or dishwashing liquid. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet since it is not as absorbent as nylon and leather, and thus minimize the stains and water marks that splash into it.

    People who buy plastic knife sheaths often do so for their small kitchen knives like a fillet knife, but if you are thinking of buying it for your hunting or survival knife, then you may want to stop and turn your attention to the other knife sheath materials. Besides, not only is it less durable, but it can be awkward having to strap a plastic knife sheath to your belt or your boots.

    In the End
    That should wrap up the series about knife sheath materials, and again, if you are going to buy a knife sheath for your custom knife, knowing the different types and their advantages and disadvantages should be able to make the choosing easier for you.


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