• Things to Consider when Buying a Knife Block

    by Allan Demot

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    There are many different ways of storing your kitchen knives: You can keep them in your drawers, get a magnetic knife strip, or go old school by keeping them in a knife block. Using a knife block comes with several benefits, which makes them very popular amongst many kitchens. Choosing and buying a knife block is not rocket science, but there are things to consider if you are to find the most appropriate knife block for your kitchen knives.

    Look at Your Knives
    Before buying a commercially manufactured or custom knife block, you have to know first which kitchen knives you most commonly use in your daily kitchen activities. Purchasing a knife block without doing so and based only on pure assumptions can waste a good deal of money and time, so make sure to know your knives first before getting them a storage space.

    Knife Block Materials
    Knife blocks can be made using different materials, the most common being plastic, wood and steel. Although all of these provide a good storage space for your knives, there is always one that is most suitable for your knives and needs. For instance, wooden knife blocks are perfect for steel knives (which are prone to developing rust) since the wood has absorbent properties that help to remove the excess moisture from your knives. Keep in mind though that if wooden knife blocks are not regularly cleaned, they can be breeding places for bacteria. This shouldn’t be a problem though with stainless steel knife blocks since they are easy to clean and maintain. However, you need to make sure that you keep them from falling because this can bend or dent the knife block which reduces its function (knife slots become narrower) and aesthetics (they look like crumpled soda cans).

    Pay Attention to the Design
    Although main purpose of buying a knife block is to have a storage space for knives, don’t forget about the design factor since great looking custom knife blocks can add a touch of aesthetics to your lovely kitchen. However, aside from how it looks like, you also need to look at its ergonomics and safety. For one, make sure that the base of the knife block is not slippery, or that it at least has a rubber footing attached to it because you don’t want it sliding down the counter every time you pull a knife out – a sliding knife block is simply an accident waiting to happen.

    Check the Price
    When it comes to buying knife blocks, you may want to spend a little extra to ensure that you are getting a top of the line knife block. A good knife block should last you for years, and spending more now is going to pay off as compared to buying several cheap knife blocks in a year.

    Buying a knife block shouldn’t be stressful, as long as you know what to look for, of course. Just remember that your knife block will be housing your kitchen knives, and so choose one that does not only protect your knives, but you and your kids as well.

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Robert MantiaI like the images of your work very much. I am a new collector of kitchen knives from Japan, Germany, and the U.S.4/30/2018 1:02:50 PM
Robert MantiaI would like a bamboo wood block that would accommodate 12 knives on top, each with a slot 2 1/2" wide slot, and 12 knives below with the same specifications. The block should accommodate knives with a 12 inch blade. I would not mind if the block could accommodate more knives of the same size. Thank you, Robert S. Mantia Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army4/30/2018 12:54:00 PM
Mike Mathieu-Woodworking PlusHi I noticed that you are using an image of one of my custom knife blocks in the "Things to consider when buying a Knife Block" section of your blog. If you want to use my image I would appreciate it if you would add a link so that potential clients can see other Custom blocks I have made. Thanks Mike Mathieu Woodworking Plus http://www.custommade.com/by/mikemathieu/2/27/2015 8:45:39 AM

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