• Proper Knife Storage Tips: Keep em Sharper for Longer

    by Allan Demot

    Proper Knife Storage Tips: Keep em Sharper for Longer Blog Picture

    Great knives are one of the most important necessities in any kitchen, and there’s basically no need to expound on that. If you’ve spent hard earned money purchasing the best custom knife for your cooking needs, you’ll need to employ a considerable amount of care and maintenance in order to keep them at their peak condition. Thus, knowing how to properly store your knives should be at the top of your list.

    There are different ways of properly storing knives, and it all begins by thinking about where you store them.

    Knife Blocks
    This is one of the most common ways to store your knives – using a custom knife block on the counter. Knife blocks come in various designs and materials. There are knife blocks made from wood, plastic, and steel, and each comes with their own pros and cons. Knife blocks have different slots which can accommodate knives of different sizes, allowing you to store all your knives in its own slot so you know where it will be waiting when you decide you need it. Knife blocks can be pretty big (depending on how many knife slots there are) and so takes up a lot of space in your counter.

    Magnetic Knife Racks
    This method of storing knives is gaining widespread popularity nowadays in many kitchens around the world. Magnetic knife racks are built with very strong magnets that allow knives to stick on them and stay there. This is a good option if you want your knife in the open and within easy reach. If you’re concerned that the knives may fall, don’t be, because they won’t. As long as you don’t go for those cheap magnetic knife racks, you and your knife are in good hands. Custom magnetic knife racks are also great space savers, and can be mounted on walls or under the counter or cabinet.

    Drawer Trays
    A drawer knife tray is a good option if you have a spare drawer and if you don’t want your knives out in the open (whether to keep your kids from playing with them or to keep roaches from crawling over them.) Knife trays have individual slots where you can insert your knives so that they don’t hit each other and cause any dents or damage.

    Knife Bags
    Knife bags are pretty popular among chefs and cooks who travel a lot and bring their knives with them. However, this does not mean that you can’t use them for your kitchen knives at home. In fact, storing your knives in a knife bag is considered by many to be the best way of protecting them and keeping them clean. Despite this, storing your knives in a knife bag can be quite a bother, since you have to roll and unroll them every time you need your knives. Plus, you need to make sure that your knives are completely clean and dry before you put them in the knife bag.

    Proper storage is important if you want your custom kitchen knives to last longer, and using the materials and methods mentioned above will help to ensure that you will have a clean, sharp knife whenever you need it.

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