• The Real Deal with Magnetic Knife Racks

    by Allan Demot

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    For many people, the most common place to store their kitchen knives would be in one of the kitchen drawers, or in a knife block. However, in a more modern house (one that has minimal counter space or drawers) it is quite common to see their knives hanging on the wall, sticking to a magnetic knife rack.

    Magnetic Knife Racks?
    Magnetic knife racks are made using a long strip of strong magnets which holds the knives in place. Because they are typically made using rare earth magnets (which are among the strongest in the world), they are able to hold on to the knives without letting them slide or fall off. In fact, the magnet is so strong that you’ll need to exert some extra effort just to get them off the rack.

    However, several questions seem to come up with many cooks and knife owners: Are they any better than a knife block? Why shouldn’t I just keep my knives in the drawer?

    To better answer these, let’s take a look at the different pros and cons of using a magnetic knife rack.

    Why You Want a Magnetic Knife Rack
    Magnetic knife racks come with several benefits.
    For one, they make it easy for you to reach for your knives when you need them. You don’t have to keep opening and closing your drawers every time you cook or need to cut or slice a fruit for snacks. Somehow, it makes knife storage much more convenient, and allows you to show off your knife collection.

    Secondly, magnetic knife racks are great space savers, especially if your kitchen’s counter it too small or crowded to hold a big wooden knife block, or you don’t have any more drawers to spare (as they are filled with other utensils or what have you.) Plus, a great looking magnetic knife rack can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen’s aesthetics.

    Finally, magnetic knife racks are said to be more hygienic than wooden knife blocks. Wood is known to harbor bacteria and germs, and even develops mildew when exposed to water (which usually happens when you don’t dry your knife well after using.)

    Any Concerns?
    There are also several concerns that people have with magnetic knife racks.
    First is safety. Magnetic knife racks are mounted on kitchen walls, meaning your knives are basically hanging in the air. Is there any chance of them falling off? None.
    Genuine magnetic knife racks are made with some of the strongest magnets available, and like other magnets, they are able to maintain that pull for like almost forever. However, this does not mean that they should be mounted in places where children can reach them or pets can move them.

    Another concern involves the knives themselves. Doesn’t the magnet ruin the knife or its blade? Some may argue that to be so, but there are others who disagree. Some claim to have had been sticking their knives to magnetic knife racks for years without any visible damage to the knife or the rack. If you have a high quality knife rack and an equally high quality knife, then you should have nothing to worry about.

    Magnetic knife racks are manufactured and sold commercially in many stores worldwide, from department stores to small knife shops. There are also custom magnetic knife racks in case you would want something a little more personalized for your kitchen.

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