• Buying a Tactical Knife: What You Should Be Looking For

    by Allan Demot

    Buying a Tactical Knife: What You Should Be Looking For Blog Picture

    Military men and hunters usually have a tactical knife of their own whenever they head out into the wilderness. When you start looking to buy a tactical knife, you may be surprised by how many options there are to choose from – from huge survival knives to smaller, pocket and neck knives. Thus, in order to help get you started making a selection, here are some things that are worth keeping in mind:

    The Purpose
    One of the things that define a tactical knife is its purpose. Why, even a chef may consider his 12” kitchen knife his “own” tactical knife. Kidding aside, tactical knives vary in design, and this is usually based on the purpose that they will be used for. For instance, a soldier sent to the jungles will need a tactical knife that is both heavy-duty and able to chop tree branches and vines, whereas a city detective will need something smaller to pry open windows or drawers. Again, tactical knives vary in different ways, and if you plan to buy one, know first the reason why.

    The Handle
    Another consideration is the handle. This is pretty important because the handle has much to do with the comfort that you feel when handling the knife. You should be able to grip the knife without feeling any pinch points or rough edges in the handle. Some tactical knives come with front and rear quillions. They may look good, but then if you choose a knife with quillions at both ends, you need to make sure that they are the right fit. It shouldn’t be too long that it restricts your wrist’s movement nor too short to provide a strong yet comfortable grip. At this point, you may want to consider a custom made tactical knife – you can send your hand and grip measurement and have a comfortable and well-fitting handle customized for you.

    The Blade
    The blade of the tactical knife should have a cutting edge and a tip point. But is that all there is to it?

    When you buy a tactical knife, you should make sure to choose a blade that is no thinner than 1/8 of an inch. Any thinner and it won’t hold long in the outdoors. It should be made of strong metal with just enough flexibility so it is able to absorb the shock and not break while being used.

    The tip shouldn’t be needle point tip as well. Remember, this knife will be used a lot in the most extreme conditions, including digging though dirt and gravel and prying open metal locks in doors and windows.

    Fixed Blade vs. Folding Knives
    Tactical knives come as fixed blades or folding tactical knives, and both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a folding knife is great because they can be easily brought anywhere without attracting attention, like an undercover cop on a mission. However, folding knives aren’t very stable, since after several uses, the joint that connects the knife blade and the handle will start to wobble and loosen. This shouldn’t be a problem with a fixed blade knife, since they are often one solid piece, or if not, welded well together. The downside of course is its big size which can be pretty difficult to hide.

    All in all, the choosing the best tactical knife will depend on several factors such as those mentioned above and maybe even more. Just remember, that a tactical knife is something that you will depend on a lot of times. Thus, be sure to buy a tactical knife that you have confidence in – one that you trust will hold and serve when it matters the most.


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