• Fathers Day Gift Idea: Boning Knife for the Outdoorsy Father

    by Allan Demot

    Fathers Day Gift Idea: Boning Knife for the Outdoorsy Father Blog Picture

    Who says boning knives are only for the kitchen? An outdoorsy father who loves to cook their fresh catch of trout or venison will definitely love a superb boning knife to add to their arsenal of hunting knives, making it one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give your dad. For more ideas about other kinds of knives that you can give your dad, you can check out our post on Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

    What‘s A Boning Knife?
    A boning knife is very different from a regular kitchen knife or hunting knife is many ways. When it comes to size, a boning knife is shorter and thinner than the two mentioned earlier. In addition, it sports a slightly curved blade which is quite flexible. This unique blade design is not only for show though, since it is what allows it to perform its function properly

    What’s Boning Knife Used For?
    Boning knives are specifically used in food preparation both in the kitchen and by the campfire.

    •    De-boning Meat and Fish. As suggested earlier, the main purpose of a boning knife is to separate meat from the bone. The curved and slender allows the blade to manoeuvre around the bones and joints attached to the meat. The razor sharp edges also cuts through the connecting fibers thereby resulting in a much cleaner cut which can be difficult to achieve with a regular kitchen knife, especially so with a hunting knife.

    •    Skinning. Another popular use of the boning knife is to separate the skin from the meat. This makes boning knives an important cutlery for dads who go fishing and hunting. The thin, sharp blades easily slide in between the skin and meat of salmon and trout, allowing you separate the skin without damaging the fish meat. In addition, they can also be used to skin deer, and leave little or no mess (or blood) compared to using a hunting knife.

    So whether your dad or husband is an avid hunter or foodie, you can be sure that he will appreciate your boning knife Father’s Day gift. It is one of the most functional knives that he can bring on his hunting or fishing trips. If you want to make your gift truly memorable, you can buy him a custom boning knife, which makes it something unique and something he will be proud to show off to his hunting and fishing buddies.

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