• Get Your Dad Something He Can Use!

    by Aly Clark

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    Father's Day is a month away and most of you are wondering what to buy the manly yet soft and caring father of yours. Most fathers I know love to do one of the following: Hunt/Fish, Camp, and/or Cook. These three activities have one thing in common; a good knife! To help you purchase the perfect knife to give this Father’s Day, I have researched what type of knife to buy for your father’s favorite hobby.

    Hunting/Fishing Knives
    Hunting knives are an important piece of equipment to have while participating in this outdoor sport. In fact, they are a necessity! One needs a knife in order to skin the animal and cut the meat. There are two blades you need to consider; the folding-blade knife and the fixed-blade knife. Buy a fixed-blade knife if your dad prefers a knife that is durable and strong. If strength is what your father wants; buy him this knife. If your father prefers a knife that is easy to store and carry; buy him a folding knife. These are smaller in size when folded and lighter. But beware, they can tend to not last as long as fixed-blade knives.

    If your dad is a hard core camper and likes to get “aggro”; go with a strong fixed blade knife. This is for the father who likes to put himself into situations that might make his adrenaline spike. These are strong and are better to use when in a survival situation. If your dad prefers all the fancy camping equipment and has an air conditioned trailer; go with a nice folding knife. For the blade style on both, go with a slightly serrated blade.

    I know some fathers are major foodies and prefer a nice evening cooking and drinking wine over hunting and camping. A good kitchen knife will make your father feel like he is Anthony Bourdain. A chef's knife is a great all around cooking knife. I would suggest a blade around 8 inches and slightly curved to make dicing, slicing, mincing and carving a piece of cake. Hopefully your dad will make a meal for you worthy of at least one Michelin star!

    The knife above was made by "Hog Head Knives" who has a store on JustCustomKnives.com.

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