• Treatment of Kitchen Knives

    by Kirk Barnum

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    Proper care of your kitchen knives will lead to a more enjoyable cutting experience and will lead to your knives having a longer life.  It will also lead to a safer cutting experience as having a properly honed blade will allow it to be sharper allowing it to glide through cutting strokes without having to put as much pressure on the blade, which can lead to slipping.

    Always cut on a flat wood or plastic cutting surface, and avoid cutting on things like glass or marble.  This will keep your blades sharp much longer, as glass and marble will quickly dull or even damage your blade.

    Never put your knives in dishwasher!  All kitchen knives deserve to be hand washed.  Hand washing them, and then quickly drying with a towel, will prevent things like rust on the blade, and will protect the (often expensive) wood handles from cracking.

    Store your kitchen knives in a proper location such as a wood block, a magnetic knife strip, or a tray designed to hold knives in a drawer.  This will help protect your blades from the elements, and help protect your hands from the blades.

    Buying a custom kitchen knife can be a worthy investment that will last a life time, but that assumes you take basic care of your blade to give it the life it deserves!

    From the JustCustomKnvies.com Blog.

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