• The knife that won over modern humans!

    by Kirk Barnum

    The knife that won over modern humans! Blog Picture

    Custom knives are often functional art.  The amount of time and effort that goes into a custom blade can be imense, and the artistry involved could make Di Vinci himself cringe. 

    Folding knives have taken over as the go to knife design for many people over the last could centuries, in part because of their functionality and efficiency. With modern humans wearing clothing with pockets, and a lack of predators to threaten them, a folding knife design is the perfect fit for someone needing the functionality of a knife blade, but not wanting to carry around a full bladed knife.

    The above knife created by EEKnives.  They have a store on http://www.JustCustomKnives.com. Drop by and take a look at their custom knives!

    This knife is a foldable design that has the functionality that matches its beautiful design.

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