• The JustCustomKnives.com Community

    by Kirk Barnum

    The JustCustomKnives.com Community Blog Picture

    The JustCustomKnives.com website is expanding in features and users. 

    Some of the new features include a new forum area that allows you to discuss custom knives, and ask the knife makers questions about their knives, or custom knives in general.  It is a great place to get a better understanding of why custom knives are so great.

    We have also added a feature to allow you to receive an email whenever a specific knife maker releases a new custom knife on a JustCustomKnvies.com store.  This will allow you to stay with what a given knife maker is up to.

    We are in a constant state of upgrading this website, and rely on input from users like you! :) Please contact us if you have any input about the website what so ever.


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