• Chefs Knife Primer

    by Kirk Barnum

    Chefs Knife Primer Blog Picture

    The Chefs knife has become the go to general purpose knife in many western kitchens and restaurants.  The design has become synonymous with what many westerners think of as a general kitchen knife.

    The blade of the knife is typically made of high carbon steel, stainless steel, or ceramic.  Typically high carbon steel can be maintained at a sharper level, and is very durable, but the blade has a tendency to rust.  Stainless steel all but solves this problem, but sacrifices a little bit of durability in the process.  Ceramic has the ability to be the best of both worlds, and is becoming more and more popular with chefs knives, but the process to create these knives can be expensive and is hard for custom knife makers to accomplish.

    This style knife is a multipurpose design, intended to perform well at many kitchen tasks, rather than excel at any one task.  Cooks like this style of knife because of its ability to mince, dice, cut, chop, slice, and disjoint.  The original chefs knife design was built in order to allow for a single knife to deal with this tasks as opposed to having a separate blade for each one.

    This pictured chefs knife was custom made by Macklin and Co, who has a store on JustCustomKnives.com.

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