• Knife Lingo - Parts of a knife

    by Kirk Barnum

    Knife Lingo - Parts of a knife Blog Picture

    When shopping for custom knives, it is important to understand some of the lingo that knife makers tend to use.  This will help understand the detail of any knife you are looking at, and help understadn the care that went into making it.

    A typical custom knife has:

    1. the blade
    2. the handle
    3. a point – the very tip of the knife on sharpened end
    4. the edge – the sharp side of the knife
    5. the grind - how the knife was formed, determined by looking at a cross section of the knife
    6. spine – the "back side" of the knife.  The unsharpened side
    7. guard - typically brass or steel, the guard is the barrier between the blade and the handle.  Typically to protect the hands from what you are cutting.
    8. hilt or butt - the opposite of the "point".  It is the very end of the handle.
    9. lanyard - a strap used to secure the knife to the wrist

    The knife pictured is from Jacob Ray, who has his store on http://www.JustCustomKnives.com.


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