• First Step in Buying a Custom Knife

    by Ray Miller

    First Step in Buying a Custom Knife Blog Picture

    As you begin the process of buying a custom knife, the first thing to consider is what your specific needs are for a knife. For kitchen knives,  you may already own a block of production knives, there are probably a couple of knives you use all the time, and the rest are mostly taking up space.  For hunting knives, you have to think about if you want an all around camping knife, a game skinning knife, or a chopping knife.  For pocket knives, do you want a serrated blade, or a non-serrated blade? 

    Custom knives can be used for almost any kind of purpose, and the knife makers design the blades and knives with many specific purposes in mind.  Why buy a bread knife if you are going to be cutting meat?  It seems obvious, but as you shop for custom knives, be aware that little variations in the knives can often have a big impact on their intended use.

    Knives that are superior at slicing tend to be narrower to reduce the amount of metal that has to pass through whatever you are cutting.  A heavier, thicker bladed knife will often be used as a hunting or tactical knife where the user will tend to be putting the knife through a bit more abuse.

    A great place to start shopping for custom knives is http://www.JustCustomKnives.com. They have a wide variety of custom knives sold directly by the knife makers themselves.

    Ultimately, knowing your purpose and expectations for your new custom knife will help you find the right knife maker and the right knife for your needs.  Fortunately we give you a lot of options to get in touch with the knife makers and ask them all the necessary questions, so that you can begin your custom knife purchasing journey as educated as possible!

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