• The Bowie Knife: Americas knife?

    by Kirk Barnum

    The Bowie Knife: Americas knife? Blog Picture

    Popularized by Jim Bowie in the early 1800s, the Bowie knife has stayed popular over the last century.  Jim Bowie became known for his ability to fight with knives after the "Sandbar Duel" in Mississippi in 1827.

    Originally designed to fill the need for a convenient close combat knife, The Bowie knife blade tends to be at least 8 inches long, with some knife makers increasing the blade length to almost 12 inches. The blade, has a curved point and is double-edged for about two inches at its tip, a clip point, and a notch near the handle. The Bowie knives design lends itself as a hunting knife and for butchering game.

    These days many Bowie knives are made by knife makers for collectors and blade enthusiasts.  The age of needing a large blade for protection is now past, but that hasnt kept the image of the Bowie knife as an ultimate knife out of popular culture.

    The custom Bowie Knife pictured above was hand made by C. Thomas.  It is currently for sale on They have a store on http://www.JustCustomKnives.com. Drop by and take a look at his custom knives!


DixieInformation which you gave in this post is very informative.I want to know is keeping bowie knives with you in america is legal??4/8/2015 10:16:19 PM

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