• Wood as a Custom Knife Handle

    by Kirk Barnum

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    From the time knives began to have handles, discussions have been held as to what the best material for knife handles would be.  By far and away the most popular material for a knife handle through out history is wood. There are many reasons for this, but the fact that wooden knife handles are easy to work with, comfortable to hold, fairly long lasting, and light weight are among the primary reasons.

    In the old days, knife makers would often use the wood that they had available to them, which usually meant wood from trees that were native to their regions.  However, in this age of global commerce, many knife makers now use wood from more exotic trees, often from places like the amazon rain forest.

    Most of the wood used in knife handles would be considered "Hard Wood" and has names like : Purple Heart, African Blackwood, Bolivian Rosewood, Cherry Burl, and Zebra Wood, to name but a few.

    More exotic woods are harder to come by, and are often rare, and thus are priced acordingly.  Knife makers love to use various types of woods in order to showcase their creativity, often by choosing wood of various designs, colors, or with a certain functionality in mind.

    In the end, what wood a knife maker uses in the creation of a custom knife will vary as much as the blade designs themselves.  Knife handles are a big part of what makes custom knives unique, and part of what makes shopping for custom knives so fun!

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